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About a year ago, I went to NYC for a weekend of learning some key Photoshop skills, including animated gifs and video editing among other basic graphic design skills.


The class, known as BLOGSHOP was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. It is taught by Bri Emery of Designlovefest.com and Angela Koehler, an incredible LA Based photographer and director who is behind one of my most favorite stop motion gems ever: THIS video for A Fine Frenzy.

I’ve got a lot of graphic designer friends and I think they are so lucky to have that particular skill set.  It comes up in my work life on a daily basis and even nowadays in my personal life too (this blog, cards to friends and family etc.)  While I did not become a graphic designer in 48 hours, this class did empower me to take a lot of the small little design needs of my business into my own hands.  I utilize the skills I developed in that class on a DAILY BASIS.  No exaggeration.

I just read on Bri’s blog that they are now offering the class ONLINE! It’s only a fraction of the cost, but the bulk of the content appears to still be there.  It would seem this first one is sold out, but I couldn’t be more emphatic about how helpful I found this class to be, so keep an eye on it and be sure to sign up next round!

Click the image below to go straight to their website.  If you are curious about the class and wonder if its worth flying to another city to take it in person, feel free to message me with questions.